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What to do and what to see in Talamone

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Talamone, a Maremma village between sea and history

Talamone is a small coastal town in the Maremma which is part of the municipality of Orbetello in the province of Grosseto. The village stands on a small promontory overlooking the Gulf of Talamone, in a position that dominates the entire stretch of coast up to Monte Argentario. The area where Talamone is located is definitely very beautiful and varied: a little further north we find the Maremma Natural Park with its woods and unspoiled nature while further south there are large stretches of sandy beach bordered by pine forests. In addition to the presence of the sea and natural areas, there is the wind that has made Talamone a very popular destination for sailors and the beauty of the town which boasts some monuments of great interest. No wonder that Talamone is today one of the most popular seaside destinations in all of Tuscany and has also been chosen by many celebrities as a holiday destination. A further boost to Talamone’s fame came in 2008 when it was chosen as the location for some scenes of the Quantum of Solace film, the 22nd chapter of the James Bond series.

History of Talamone

An ancient city first Etruscan and then Roman, during the Middle Ages it was ruled by the Aldobrandeschi until the Sienese conquest of the fourteenth century. In Roman times the city was the protagonist of two particularly important events: the first was a great battle fought in 225 BC. between Romans and Celts; the second was the destruction of Talamone by the troops of Sulla in 82 BC. as punishment for supporting his enemy Gaius Marius. Another episode to remember is linked to the undertaking of Garibaldi who, during the Expedition of the Thousand, stopped here in 1860 to refuel before reaching the South.

What to do and what to see Talamone
Talamone, the see, the hamlet and the fortress (Photo by Alessio Damato / CC BY)

Things to see and what to do in Talamone

Tourism in Talamone is mainly linked to the sea and sailing sports, but the village should not be overlooked either. With the pretty historic center, the fortress, the aquarium and all the other points of interest, there is also a lot to see in Talamone.

Beaches and Sea

Let’s start immediately with the beaches and the sea. The coast in the Talamone area is characterized by the presence of rocks and rocky bottoms north of the village and coinciding with the promontory. On the other side of the promontory, in the Gulf of Talamone and along the beaches that lead to the Argentario, we find a lot of sand and shallow waters, ideal for a holiday with children. Along the beaches of Talamone, there are equipped bathing establishments, one is also found on the promontory, and free beaches. On the Osa beach there is also a “Bau Beach”, a beach where even dogs can enter. In conclusion, whether you are a lover of rocks or sandy beaches, in Talamone you will find many places to swim and sunbathe.

Beaches and sea but also a lot of sport! Talamone is a very famous and appreciated location among lovers of sailing sports and beyond. Every year more and more sportsmen come to this place to practice all kinds of sports related to the sea. The rocky bottoms located north of Talamone are perfect for those who want to try their hand at diving. The bay of Talamone is instead ideal for practicing all sailing sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and wing foil. If you are curious to try these sports but you are not practical, do not worry, because there is the possibility of taking lessons directly on the spot.

Parco Naturale della Maremma

Near Talamone there is one of the entrances to the Parco della Maremma. It is a vast protected area that extends north of the village for about 100 square kilometers. Largely occupied by the Uccellina Mountains, the park contains various ecosystems and also some archaeological sites that document the presence of man since prehistoric times. An ideal destination for trekking, the park is for an excursion on foot, by bike or on horseback thanks to the numerous paths that cross it.

For more information on the itineraries and activities that you can do in the park, I refer you to the official website.

Fortress of Talamone

The Rocca is undoubtedly the prominent monument of the town. Built by the Aldobrandeschi family around the middle of the 13th century, the fortress served as a sighting and defense function for the port of Talamone. Renovated by the Sienese towards the end of the 15th century, the fortress underwent a series of raids by pirates during the 16th century. The current appearance is the result of the last restructuring which took place towards the end of the 16th century. It is here that in 1860 the volunteers who followed Garibaldi in the famous Expedition of the Thousand gathered.

The Rocca of Talamone is a solid rectangular complex with four corner towers, one of which, the one to the north, is larger than the others. The characteristics and the beautiful position overlooking the sea give the fortress an undeniable charm. From its walls you can see the Argentario and some islands such as Giglio, Montecristo, Elba and sometimes even Corsica.

what to do in Talamone The Fortress of Talamone
The Fortress of Talamone (Photo by trolvag / CC BY)

Acquario della laguna di Orbetello

The Aquarium of Talamone is dedicated to the various aspects of the nearby lagoon of Orbetello. In addition to various insights on the complex ecosystem and wildlife of this lagoon, are also on display numerous traditional instruments used by fishermen in the area.

Address: via Nizza 24

Temple and Tower of Talamonaccio

At the opposite end of the gulf of Talamone (east end) an ancient Etruscan temple (in ruins) and a watchtower rise a short distance from each other. From this temple (4th century BC) comes the famous Talamone pediment with the depiction of the story of the “Seven against Thebes” which is now preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

What to see around Talamone

In addition to the aforementioned Maremma Natural Park, it is certainly a good idea to visit Monte Argentario. Here, besides Orbetello, there are Porto Ercole, Porto Santo Stefano and some coastal fortresses and towers scattered throughout the promontory to be seen. A little further on Ansedonia is also appreciated both as a seaside resort and for the beautiful archaeological site of the ancient city of Cosa. Another well-known destination in the area is Capalbio with its Tarot Garden.

How to get to Talamone

Talamone is located just under 30 kilometers away from Grosseto, 20 from Orbetello, 150 km from Rome and 170 from Florence.

By car: to reach the center by car you have to take the SS1 Aurelia to the Fonteblanda / Talamone exit and then follow the signs.

By train: there is a railway station called Talamone which is actually located in the hamlet of Fonteblanda, served by regional trains. Another station nearby is that of Orbetello-Monte Argentario.

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