Tuscan Maremma

Roccastrada in province of Grosseto, what to see

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Roccastrada, a medieval hamlet in province of Grosseto

Roccastrada is perched atop a ridge of trachytic rock in a beautiful panoramic position on the border of Maremma plain, in an area historically rich of silver and copper mines. For a long time the village has been part of the possessions of the Aldobrandeschi family until, during the 14th century, it was conquered by Siena that maintained control until the mid-16th century.

Panoramic view of Roccastrada Italy Tuscany
Roccastrada (Photo by LigaDue / CC BY)

What to see in Roccastrada

Born during the Middle Ages, The village has maintained in its higher area, the “Cassero“, the typical plant made up of narrow and irregular streets, often linked by stairways and still partially enclosed by medieval walls. In the heart of the city centre you can see the chiesa di San Niccolò (or San Nicola) that, Although it has a façade rebuilt in the twentieth century, is probably contemporary with the castle of Aldobrandeschi and is documented since the second half of the 13th century. Inside, impress the sixteenth-century baptismal font and two Giovanni Maria Tolosani frescoes representing “Madonna with Child” and “Annunciation“. Another fresco by Giovanni Maria Tolosani representing “Madonna with Child” is preserved inside the Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie.

Church of San Niccolò in Roccastrada Italy Tuscany
Church of San Niccolò (Photo by Robyfra1)

Museo della Vite e del Vino

Just a short distance from the Church, we find one of the landmarks of Roccastrada, the clock tower. Right at the foot of the tower is located the Museo della Vite e del Vino (Museum of grapes and wine), which was housed in spaces, partly carved into the rock, once used as wine cellars. The Museum is divided into three sections; first of all it shows the local peasant culture, then talks about the local wines and in the end exposes the working tools typical of viticulture.

Address: Piazza dell’Orologio 9

Ticket: 3 euro

For more informations please consult the official website of the museum.

The Clock Tower in Roccastrada Italy Tuscany
The Clock Tower in Roccastrada

In corso Roma, in the lower part of the village a short walk from the Town Hall, is located the “Teatro dei Concordi” build in 1870. Going beyond, in via del Convento, you will get to the aforementioned Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie.

The Concordi Theatre in Roccastrada Italy
The Concordi Theatre (Photo by Giovanni Casalini / CC BY)

What to see around Roccastrada

Near Roccastrada we highlight some medieval settlements as Montemassi, Roccatederighi, Torniella, Sticciano and Paganico. Thirty or thirty-five kilometers instead separate Roccastrada from the Abbey of San Galgano and from places like Grosseto and Massa Marittima.

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