Visit Lucca with children
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Lucca and surroundings with children: what to see and what to do

Lucca is a wonderful city and is perfect to be visited in the company of the whole family, including children! Easy to explore on foot or by bike, the city is full of artistic and architectural wonders. For the most important things to see in Lucca, I refer you to the dedicated guide, while in this article I want to leave you some ideas for a visit to Lucca with children.

Walk on the walls of Lucca

Imposing, majestic and perfectly preserved, the walls of Lucca are one of the main attractions of the city. Built between the beginning of the sixteenth century and the middle of the seventeenth century, the walls were intended to protect the city from its enemies and no one ever tried to besiege the city directly. When their military function ceased, the walls were transformed into a large public park during the 19th century. Even today, a long tree-lined avenue develops on the walls with a path of over 4 kilometers that embraces the whole city. Perfect for a walk on foot or by bicycle, the walls offer an exceptional point of view on the historic center of Lucca.

What to do in Lucca with children: walking on the walls of Lucca
Walls of Lucca (Photo by Notafly / CC BY)

Climb the towers of Lucca

Like many other medieval cities, Lucca was once full of towers. Today there are only a few left, but you can visit them and above all you can climb to the top to enjoy a crazy panorama. The most famous of the city towers are the Torre delle Ore and Torre Guinigi.

With its 50 meters, the Torre delle Ore is the highest in the whole city. This is the tower that has been chosen as the clock tower since the 15th century. The Torre delle Ore dates back to the 13th century and inside you can admire the extraordinary and complex manual winding mechanism that makes the clock work. This mechanism was built in the mid-eighteenth century and is considered one of the most interesting in Europe. To reach the top of the tower, there are 204 steps to climb, so be prepared!

The Torre Guinigi, also in the historic center, dates back to the 14th century and owes a large part of its fame to the presence, on its top, of holm oak trees. The tower also stands out from afar with its green tufts waving at the top.

Visiting Lucca with children: climbing the towers
Torre Guinigi (Photo by Joanbanjo / CC BY)

Parco Fluviale del Serchio, suggestive walks in the nature

The Parco Fluviale del Serchio offers numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in nature with various routes suitable even for children. The park is very large, about 250 sq km, and is perfect for walking, organizing excursions, admiring nature and practicing sports. Among the paths in the park there is a very suggestive one that allows you to visit the historic Nottolini Aqueduct, the Tempietto di Guamo and the Tempietto di San Concordio. Other routes are dedicated to nature lovers who can also admire some species of birds such as the kingfisher, the gray heron and the mallard.

Nottolini Aqueduct in Lucca
Nottolini Aqueduct (Photo by ClaudiominghiCC BY)

Lucca Comics

One of the most important events held in Lucca is the Lucca Comics & Games. Born in 1993, Lucca Comics was initially dedicated exclusively to the world of comics but over time the event has grown dramatically and comics have also been joined by games. But not only that, the exhibition also has spaces dedicated to animation cinema as well as stands where you can try board games and video game consoles.

The event is a continuous show; with the emergence of the fashion of cosplay, Lucca Comics is filled with costumed characters from all possible and imaginable TV series, films and comics, a sort of thematic carnival out of season! I’m sure your children will have a lot of fun during the event. The only thing to watch out for is the crowding which, especially on certain days, is truly remarkable.

Lucca Comics & Games
Lucca Comics & Games

Viareggio Carnival

From the “off-season carnival” of Lucca Comics & Games we pass to the king of all carnivals: the Viareggio Carnival. This is the most famous carnival in Tuscany and one of the most important in all of Italy. Every year the city comes alive for the famous parade of allegorical floats that color the seafront, making young and old dream.

The floats of the Viareggio Carnival are among the largest and most animated in the world and well represent the great skill of their creators. By working the papier-mâché, these artisans know how to create an array of very well-detailed and characterized characters, capable of animating the Viareggio seafront with explosive vitality. A show not to be missed!

Viareggio Carnival
Viareggio Carnival (Photo by Francesca Lombardi)
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