Val di Chiana

Discover Torrita di Siena in val di Chiana
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Torrita di Siena a castle in val di Chiana

The history of Torrita di Siena is closely related to the events that involved the city of Siena. This small village in val di Chiana has always shared the destiny of the city of the Palio as his loyal ally. The first documented mention about Torrita was in 1037. Torrita di Siena was a castle with big strategic relevance in the area of the val di Chiana in fact, we find it immortalized in a fresco celebrating the “Battaglia della Val di Chiana” in the hall of the Mappamondo inside the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena.

The fresco gives us a clear picture of how it appeared at that time (1363) the village of Torrita. We can see high walls and squared towers. We know that the city walls, nowaday only partially preserved, had an elliptic form; the same shape that still mantained by the historic centre of the village.

Talking about Torrita di Siena we absolutely should speak of Ghino di Tacco. The outlaws gentleman, whose deeds bring to mind the character of Robin Hood, was born in Torrita. His was a life for adventure made of robberies and culminated with the conquer of the fortress Radicofani.

What to do in Torrita di Siena

Even if of its towers and its walls has remained very little, Torrita di Siena has preserved its medieval aspect and those typical glimpses that only these villages can give. Walking among its narrow streets you will quickly get to the main square, piazza Matteotti, where stands the Palazzo Pretorio (the Town Hall) and the chiesa delle Sante Flora e Lucilla. Built starting from the 12th century, the church underwent some changes while retaining its Romanesque style. This church is one of the most ancient buildings of the village and the most important from an architectural point of view. The exterior presents a brick facade with some interesting elements as the portal and the rose window. The interior, on one nave, retains some paintings and an attractive marble lunette depicting an “il Sangue di Cristo” attributed to Donatello.

What to do in Torrita di Siena Interior of the chiesa delle Sante Flora e Lucilla
Interior of the chiesa delle Sante Flora e Lucilla (Photo by Edisonblus / CC BY)

How to get to Torrita di Siena

By train: Torrita di Siena has a train station accessible by regional trains from Siena and Chianciano.

By bus: you can reach Torrita with lines operated by Siena Mobilità, as the line 139 from Siena.

By car: take the highway A1 till the exit Valdichiana in direction of Valdichiana/Bettolle/Sinalunga, then take the SP 327 till destination.

Torrita di Siena - Palazzo Pretorio
The palazzo Pretorio in Torrita di Siena (Photo by LigaDue / CC BY)
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