Things to do in Loro Ciuffenna in the province of Arezzo
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The village of Loro Ciuffenna and the surrounding territory

Inhabited since etruscan and roman times, Loro Ciuffenna is a typical medieval village located on a road between Arezzo and Fiesole. After the fall of the Roman Empire, this area was controlled alternately by the Byzantines and the Longobards until when we find it documented among the lands of the counts Guidi. In 1293 Loro Ciuffenna became part of the Repubblica Fiorentina that was conquering all the surrounding area.

Things to do in Loro Ciuffenna

The old mill

In Loro Ciuffenna you can find and ancient water mill, probably built around the 1100, still working perfectly! The mill is located on a cliff along the creek Ciuffenna in the middle of the historic centre. This mill, probably the oldest still working in Tuscany, is used to grind flour and particularly that of chestnuts which is a typical product of the area. A visit that is a blast from the past to the rediscovery of the jobs of yesteryear!

The old mill in Loro Ciuffenna
The old mill in Loro Ciuffenna (Photo by Toscanaweb / CC BY)

Museo Venturino Venturi

Hosted inside the Town Hall, the museum expose 92 works between drawings and sculptures of Venturino Venturi, an artist born in Loro Ciuffenna.

Address: piazza Matteotti 5

Opening hours:
16 June – 15 September: 10.30-12.30 e16.00-19.00 (closed on tuesday)
16 September – 24 April: holidays and the day before: 16.00-19.00
25 April – 15 June: holidays and the day before 10.30-12.30 and 16.00-19.00

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Churches in Loro Ciuffenna

Inside the city centre we have the chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, 13th-century building which was originally a chapel of the counts Guidi. On the edge of the town stands the santuario della Madonna dell’Umiltà. This church was built in the 17th century to house an image of the Madonna from a Tabernacle.

Things to do around Loro Ciuffenna

Pieve di San Pietro a Gropina

Located in less than two kilometres from Loro Ciuffenna, the Pieve di San Pietro a Gropina is an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture among the most important in the entire Tuscany. The church, already documented in the 8th century, has a sober facade adorned by the coat of arms of the pope Leone X and by a small marble head (probably roman) located just above the oculus. Of great value definitely the semicircular apse decorated with pilasters and arches.

Pieve di Gropina near Loro Ciuffenna
Pieve di Gropina (Photo by Vignaccia76 / CC BY)

The interior, with three naves divided by columns and arches, is very impressive. Look at the capitals. Each one is decorated in order to communicate with the faithful; in the Middle ages people often were illiterate but they were able to connect certain representations to biblical episodes and then to understand its messages. n fact these works were not designed with a mere aesthetic intent, but were primarily a tool of communication. Finally, the pulpit is a unique artefact of the Lombard period that was preserved even when the church was rebuilt.

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The interior of the Pieve di San Pietro di Gropina
The interior of the Pieve di San Pietro di Gropina (Photo by Mongolo1984 / CC BY)

Other villages nearby

Not far from Loro Ciuffenna, we suggest to visit two small but fascinating medieval villages: Poggio di Loro and Anciolina.
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