Things to do in Cutigliano on Tuscan mountain

Cutigliano, a hamlet between art, nature and sport

Cutigliano is one of those hamlets able to put together art, nature and sport. Located on the Appenini in province of Pistoia, Cutigliano has become an ideal tourist destination both for summer than for ski vacation.

Founded during the early Middle Ages, Cutigliano is grown mostly since the 14th century after the wars against Castruccio di Antelminelli, war captain of Lucca, and against the rebels of Valdinievole. These rebels were defeated once for all in 1330 by Angiolo Panciatichi, the first “Mountain Captain”, a governing role created to control the area and quell the riots.

Things to do in Cutigliano visit the Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna
Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna (Photo by Carlo Pelagalli / CC BY)

Things to do in Cutigliano: the main monuments to visit

Perfect for a relaxing walk, Cutigliano has some nice historical buildings, let’s see which:

  • Chiesa di San Bartolomeo
  • Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna
  • Loggia dei Capitani
  • Chiesa della Madonna di Piazza

Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

Just outside the city centre of Cutigliano, a pine avenue leads us to the chiesa di San Bartolomeo. It’s a very simple 16th century church that inside preserves some remarkable artworks as the “Madonna of the  Carmine” by Onorio Mariani, the “Madonna of the Rosary” by Matteo Rosselli, the “Circumcision” by Giovanni da Sangiovanni, the “Birth of the Virgin” by Nicodemo Ferrucci and a “Saint Bartholomew’s Miracle” by Sebastiano Vini.

Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna

Inside the historical centre, the most important monument is clearly the Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna. Once the seat of the Mountain Captains, today this palace houses the Municipality of Cutigliano (Abetone-Cutigliano to be precise).The architectural features of the building are typical of the 15th-century Florentine style. On the facade we can admire dozens of coats of arms referring to the Captains of the Mountain that has governated the municipalities of the area until 1772.

Many coats of arms on the facade of the Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna in Cutigliano
Many coats of arms on the facade (Photo by John W. Schulze / CC BY)

In front of the Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna, there is a small and graceful 15th century loggia called Loggia dei Capitani.

Things to do in Cutigliano Loggia dei Capitani in Cutigliano
Loggia dei Capitani in Cutigliano (Photo by Visit Tuscany / CC BY)

Chiesa della Madonna di Piazza

Very close to the Palazzo dei Capitani di Montagna, we also find the Chiesa della Madonna di Piazza. Built during the 15th century, this church preserves a terracotta representing “Madonna sith Child and the Sainst Antonio Abate and Bernardino da Siena“, attributed to Benedetto Buglioni (16th century).

Art, history and much more…

Thanks to the landscape in which it is , Cutigliano is an excellent destination not only for skiers but also for trekking and mountain biking. The ski resorts are located around Abetone, probably the most famous destination in Tuscany for winter sports, and at Doganaccia, linked to Cutigliano trough a cable car. Being less crowded than the Abetone, Doganaccia is particularly suitable for families and for those who are starting to ski.

If you are looking for some routes to enjoy nature and the breathtaking views of the area, you’ll be spoilt for choice; among the itineraries we mention that going to Lago Scaffaiolo, but there are so many others. For more informations about the itineraries of this area we suggest to consult the web site of the Comune di Cutigliano and the site Abetone Trail Park.

Lago Nero near Abetone
Lago Nero near Abetone (Photo by Alessio Serafino Tanganelli / CC BY)

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