Crete Senesi
Crete Senesi

Guide to Buonconvento near Siena

Buonconvento, a treasure enclosed in brick walls. Let’s see what to do in Buonconvento

The town of Buonconvento is located about 30 kilometers south from Siena near the rivers Arbia and Ombrone.
The town developed during the 12th century in relation to the path of the via Francigena. Its strategic location and its role as a market made it a particularly important centre for Siena.
According to some historical sources, on 24 August 1313 Emperor Henry VII of Luxembourg died in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Buonconvento.

Buonconvento City Walls

The core of the town presents itself as a quadrilateral protected by brick walls with crowning arches. The walls were built by the Sienese starting in the ’70 of the fourteenth century only to be completed over the fifteenth century. The walls had two main gates: Porta Senese to the North and Porta Romana to the South.
Unfortunately only the first one is preserved because Porta Romana was destroyed by the Germans in 1944.

What to do in Buonconvento Porta Senese
Porta Senese

Things to do in Buonconvento

Among the many historic buildings that overlook the main road (via Soccini) is the Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo (Church of the Saints Peter and Paul). Founded in the 14th century, the Church was rebuilt in 1705; inside there is an polyptych, by Pietro Orioli, representing Madonna with Child and Saints.

What to do in Buonconvento
Via Soccini

In front of the church we find the Museo d’Arte sacra della Val d’Arbia (Museum of Sacred art of the Val d’Arbia). This museum houses various works of art from the churches ofthe surrounding area. Among these pieces of art, all between 14th and 17th centuries, there is a Madonna with Child by Duccio da Buoninsegna.

Near the walls in a converted barn situated in piazzale Garibaldi, is hosted the Museo etnografico della mezzadria (Ethnographic Museum of sharecropping). The aim of the museum is to rebuild the traditional rural world.

Where to eat in Buonconvento

On the main road, we suggest the restaurant Da Mario, where you can try the local cuisine. Personally I recommend to take the pici with sausage and mushrooms!

Things to do in Buonconvento: visit Palazzo podestarile
Palazzo Podestarile

Useful informations

Museo di Arte Sacra

Address: Via Soccini 18
Opening hours:
November-March: saturday-sunday 10-13 and 15-17
April-October: tuesday-sunday 10-13 and 15-18
Tickets: regular 3 euro; reduced 2 euro

Museo della Mezzadria

Address: Piazzale Garibaldi
Opening hours:
April-October: tuesday-sunday10-13 e 14-18
November-March: tuesday-friday 10-13.30; saturday-sunday 10-13 and 14-18
Tickets: regular 4 euro; reduced 2 euro

Cumulative ticket (Museo di Arte Sacra della Val d’Arbia and Museo della Mezzadria): regular 5 euro; reduced 3 euro

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