The Koto Ramen, Florence is more and more Japanese

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The Koto Ramen: a brand new ramen bar in Florence

In Florence is growing more and more the Ramen mania. It’s opened a brand new ramen bar: the Koto Ramen.
We like a lot the ramen, but there was no ever the chance to spend an evening at dinner, with who  is familiar with this “culture”and decided to share it: we met the staff of the Koto Ramen who told us all about this Japanese dish.

The meaning of the name Koto

Koto means “ancient town” and the choice of location is very good. In fact, the restaurant is located in the central Via Verdi, in the disctrict of Santa Croce.

The Koto Ramen Logo
Koto Ramen Logo

The Chef

The chef of the restaurant is called Shoji. Highest professional experience and many collaborations with excellent restaurants.
Shoji, fresh from the experience of Zaza Ramen in Milan, initially intended to only help owners to start the local but then he has become an integral part of the Koto Ramen.

The place is simple and uncluttered. New and essential. Open-plan kitchen under large ideograms that welcome you. About 40 seats a quick and easy cooking. Indeed, as the culture of ramen wants, they do not accept reservations.  In only 30 minutes one person eat, this allow as many people as possible to enjoy a good ramen soup and more.

The Koto Ramen Chef Shoji
Chef Shoji

The Menu

The menu, which is full of appetizers, is good for both carnivores and vegetarians. For example, the fresh tofu is delicious!
The Japanese mustard that accompanies the meat is great as well as their Edamame, with paprika and black salt. Really special also the Dengaku (Fried eggplant), Nanban (marinated pumpkin) and most of all the Kakuni, a delicious bakon cooked at low temperature.

The Koto Ramen Tofu

The Ramen…

Miso, meat or fish. Everything you want. You can also choose the size of the Bowl: there are two measures or rather variants. The marinate eggs in soy and the slice of meat accompany the handmade noodles that are prepared by the chef.

The Koto Ramen - Ramen Bowl
Ramen Bowl

Beer and Sakè

All this can be accompanied by Kirin beer and by a huge una incredibile selection of Sakè (rise wine). We hadn’t ever tasted the sparkling Sakè (Frizzante Mio) and… It’s damn good!

The dessert

With Matcha tea-soaked sponge cake and whipped cream, the Matcha Cake is definitely our favourite dessert on the menu. Is very particular Koto crème Caramel made without eggs and with the addition of black sesame.

The bill

A dinner with Ramen, appetizers and beer will cost between 20 and 25 euro. At lunch there is a 10 euro menu. You can also choose between two menus (vegetarian or meat), with appetizers and dessert for 15 euro.

Koto Ramen Menu
The Menu

Koto Ramen: web site and Facebook page

I want to recommend a song to accompany you in the world of Koto ramen.

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