Star Tuscany rent: discover the tuscan countryside by scooter
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Star Tuscany rent, a new way to enjoy the tuscan countryside

Tuscany is famous worldwide for its city, its cultural heritage and much more. Among the strengths of Tuscany there is also the campaign. The tuscan countryside is appreciated for its breathtaking scenery; a territory never monotonous that makes a show even the simple journey through a meta. Today we talk about Star Tuscany, an alternative way to enjoy the tuscan landscapes and particularly of the sienese territory.

Star Tuscany Rent
Credit: Star Tuscany Rent

What is Star Tuscany rent

Star Tuscany was born in 2017 from an idea of a young entrepreneur of Buonconvento. It is a rental center, where we can rent a car or scooter to use for our excursions in the surrounding area.

The resources available are two: the Renault TWINGO and the Star 4T automatic, the scooter from which it takes its name from the activity.

And in the words of Nico Cereghini (a showman of italian TV):

Casco in testa ben allacciato, luci accese anche di giorno, e prudenza, sempre!
(Helmet fastened, lights on even during the day, and prudence, always!)

Useful informations

Address: Strada Regionale Cassia, Buonconvento (Siena)
Official website

If you are looking for other ways to visit the tuscan countryside, please read also our articles about Eroica and Treno Natura.
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