simBIOsi organic Pizza in Florence

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simBIOsi organic Pizza

The location

SimBIOsi organic Pizza is located in the beginning of Via dei Ginori, very close to Via San Gallo.

This pizzeria is is quite small so is better to reserve. One recommendation: next to Pizzeria simBIOsi there is also “simBIOsi pasta”. The entrances are basically the same but actually the menus are very different. I tell you this because before I was 10 minutes to figure it out like a moron in the wrong queue with some tourists visibly carbohydrate lovers.

The menu

I went to simBiosi Organic Pizza after trying the “on the road” version “Molo 5” and I was absolutely displeased. First of all because eating a calzone standing and with plastic cutlery would freak out even Gandhi, but especially for a value price decidedly unbalanced.

Actually I admit I ate really well!


simBIOsi organic Pizza in Florence speciale
Pizza Special


I tried two different types of pizza: a pizza “special” with mushroom, truffle sauce, mozzarella and burrata and an amazing and simple Margherita. Really good raw materials, light and very digestible pasta!
simBIOsi organic Pizza in Florence margherita
Pizza Margherita

In conclusion I ordered a cheese cake (delicious).

The service

Very casual but still attentive. Good.

The bill

For 2 pizzas (very large) 1 dessert and 2 beers we spent a total of €47. Very good.

Only because we where in the city centre of Florence.

The same bill presented in any local south of Rome would (rightly) unleashed a reaction very similar to this:

But I will face this topic only after seeking advice from my lawyers.

In conclusion

Simplicity often pays both in life and in catering.

If you fancy a quality pizza without spending a fortune and staying in a young, informal environment you are in the right place!

Stay Hungry

Capitan Papilla


simBIOsi Organic Pizza

Via dei Ginori 56/r

tel +39 055 064 0115

Official website

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