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San Vincenzo: beaches, what to see and what to do
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San Vincenzo in Tuscany

San Vincenzo in Tuscany is a town in the province of Livorno, located along the Etruscan Coast. Renowned tourist destination for summer holidays, San Vincenzo is one of the main seaside resorts in the area and is very popular with both Italians and foreigners. Young people in particular can find here many opportunities to have fun both day and night. Interrupted only by the tourist port, its very long beach runs for kilometers and kilometers, alternating large stretches of free beach to stretches occupied by bathing establishments.

It cannot be said that San Vincenzo has an ancient historical center like other centers of the Etruscan Coast, but this city also has its own history. The first time that the documents speak of San Vincenzo dates back to 1285, when the Tower of San Vincenzo is mentioned. This tower, which still exists today, was built by the Pisans as part of a sighting system that served to protect the coast from Saracen raids. It seems that in the vicinity there was also a church dedicated to San Vincenzo.

Throughout the fifteenth century, San Vincenzo was disputed between Pisans and Florentines. Then, in 1505, the “Battle of San Vincenzo”, in which the Florentines defeated the Pisans as the fresco by Vasari reminds us, “The Defeat of the Pisans at San Vincenzo“, from 1567, which is located in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. From then on, San Vincenzo followed the fate of Florence first and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany then until the unification of Italy.

San Vincenzo
San Vincenzo

What to do and what to see in San Vincenzo

Today San Vincenzo is a very famous seaside resort. Holidays in San Vincenzo are certainly centered on the sea, relaxation on the beach and fun. There are also some things to see starting from the marina, some monuments (not many to tell the truth) and the Rimigliano coastal park which is definitely worth a visit. The city has many clubs, restaurants, bars and clubs as well as a considerable accommodation capacity. There are several holiday homes, hotels, camps and large resorts equipped with every possible and imaginable service. The favorable position, in the center of the Etruscan Coast, between Castagneto Carducci and Piombino, makes San Vincenzo also an excellent starting point for exploring the whole area.

Beaches of San Vincenzo

12 kilometers of beaches are certainly a nice business card. As anticipated, there are sections occupied by establishments or resorts and sections with free access. Let’s see which are the beaches of San Vincenzo:

Free beach to the north

In the description of the beaches we go from north to south. The first is a free beach located just outside the town of San Vincenzo, on the border with the municipal area of Castagneto Carducci. It is a beautiful sandy beach with easy access, with a crystal clear sea and a shallow seabed. Behind it there is a dense pine forest. There is also a small parking lot nearby.

Beaches in the center of San Vincenzo

Many beaches are directly accessible from the city of San Vincenzo and are therefore super convenient to reach if you have the hotel close enough to the sea. The city beaches of San Vincenzo offer a continuous alternation between bathing establishments and free beaches. This guarantees you a wide freedom of choice between a cheaper and a more comfortable holiday. The bathing establishments of San Vincenzo are well-equipped and equipped with various services such as bars, pedal boat and canoe rental, deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas, and much more.

Spiaggia La Principessa

Moving south of the town of San Vincenzo, you reach La Principessa beach. Behind it lies a beautiful pine forest that hides numerous campsites, hotels, residences, resorts and villages. This beach is also characterized by the presence of sections occupied by baths and sections with free access. The sea is blue with beautiful backdrops and crystal clear water.

Dog Beach

At the end of La Principessa beach we also find a beach dedicated to four-legged friends. The Dog Beach of San Vincenzo is characterized by the presence of a well-equipped bathing establishment with all the necessary services for those on holiday with the dog. Behind it continues a beautiful forest that offers a precious shelter from the sun, especially in the hottest hours.

Rimigliano beach

Further south we find the beautiful Rimigliano beach which runs along the Rimigliano park of the same name. Over 5 kilometers in length, a sandy beach and a very beautiful sea are the characteristics that make this beach a truly enchanting place. The Rimigliano beach is completely free and there is only one bar in the whole that offers services (including bathrooms and showers) therefore, if you decide to choose this beach, I recommend that you organize yourself well and leave equipped. Access to the beach is by crossing the wood behind it by means of a series of paths. A curiosity: the birth of Caretta Caretta turtles has been recorded several times on this beach.

Nido dell’Aquila

Part of the Rimigliano beach is occupied by the Nido dell’Aquila naturist beach. Managed by the Italian Naturist Association, this beach is free to access. Not far from the beach there is also a restaurant and some services.

What to see in San Vincenzo


The first of the things to see in San Vincenzo is the marina. Here there are always many boats of various sizes, from the smallest to the yacht, docked at the various piers. In the port there is also a beautiful promenade, the “Passeggiata del Marinaio“, which starts from the center of San Vincenzo and runs along the entire dam of the port up to the Statue of the Sailor, a large bronze sculpture 7 meters high, created by Giampaolo Talani.

Parco Costiero di Rimigliano

The Parco Costiero di Rimigliano, south of the city, is certainly worth a visit. Established in 1973, the park extends for about 6 kilometers and a total area of 120 hectares. The Rimigliano Park is part of the Val di Cornia Parks, together with the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, the San Silvestro Mining Park, the Sterpaia Coastal Park, the Montioni Natural Park and the Poggio Neri Forest Park.


In San Vincenzo there are also two towers to see. The first is the aforementioned Torre di San Vincenzo which is located in the city a stone’s throw from the tourist port. The second is the Torre Vecchia di Campiglia which is located in La Torraccia almost on the southern border of the municipal territory. Both towers were built in medieval times by the Pisans with the aim of providing protection to the coast.

What to do in the evening

We have seen what to do during the day, what is there to do in the evening? In the evening you can go to the harbor area for a drink at sunset and then take a tour downtown in search of a restaurant. For after dinner you can choose from many clubs, pubs and discos where you can dance until late.

What to see in the surroundings

The Etruscan Coast is truly full of beautiful and interesting places to visit. Along the coast there are several places where you will find a very beautiful sea such as Baratti. Inland, on the other hand, there are many historic villages of great charm such as Castagneto Carducci, Sassetta, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima. A little further south of San Vincenzo there are Populonia and Piombino. If, on the other hand, you want to drink a good glass of wine, you should definitely go to Bolgheri where some of the finest wines in all of Tuscany are produced.

How to get to San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo has a railway station which is regularly served by regional trains. Furthermore, since the city is located on the Tyrrhenian line that connects Pisa with Livorno, Grosseto, Civitavecchia and Rome, connections are very frequent. Among other things, the station is located in the center a stone’s throw from the sea. In addition to Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto, there are also direct trains from Florence.

Even by car it is not difficult to reach San Vincenzo because it is very close to the SS1 Aurelia state road. From Pisa and Livorno, it takes just under an hour by car on the Aurelia. From Florence (1h and 45′) you have to take the FI-PI-LI superhighway and exit at Vicarello following the signs towards Rome to enter the A12 and continue on the Aurelia. Also from Grosseto (50′) you will have to take the Aurelia, this time heading north. From Siena (1h and 30′), on the other hand, the road to take is the SS223 state road from Paganico to Grosseto, and from there continue on the inevitable Aurelia.
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