Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum. Samurai and Robots on show

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Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum, the exposition that brought the robots to the Stibbert Museum in Florence

We went to the Stibbert Museum of Florence to see the exhibition “Robot Fever – Il Samurai nell’era dei Chogokin” (Robot Fever – The Samurai in the era of Chogokin). On this occasion we had a full tour of the Museum by taking advantage of the reopening of japanese rooms.

The exhibition was organized through a collaboration between the Stibbert Museum and the Toy Museum of Florence with the contribution of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.

I’m a huge fan of the Stibbert Museum, so it’s a real pleasure when such initiatives are organized by enhancing the Museum’s heritage and creating new content for visitors.

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum Goldrake

Robot Fever… Chogokin?

Start from the explanations: the name of the exposition, Robot Fever, come from Battle Fever that is the name of a robot created in the late 70 ‘s which is alsofound in the poster of the exhibition.

Chogokin has two meanings. While on one hand Super Robot Chogokin indicates a series of toy robot manufactured by Bandai; on the other hand is the name created by Go Nagai, the creator of several  robots like great Mazinger and Grendizer, to call the fantastic alloy used in the construction of robots like Mazinger Z in 1972. In Italy we know it under the name of “Lega Z” (Alloy Z).

Robot Fever at Stibbert Poster with Battle Fever
Poster with Battle Fever

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum: the exposition

The exhibition is small but well done. Through the exhibits, coming from the Japanese section of the Stibbert and from some private collections, it’s traced the history of the production of the toy robot by highlighting the similarities between the giant robots and the ancient samurai.

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum Knight
A robot very similar to a  knight

We have learned about the Japanese robots from the seventies and with them came also the first themed toys, but the production of the first heroes of Tin began even in the thirties as evidenced by some of the robots on show.

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum Ancient Robots
“Ancient” Robots

The showcases present a nice collection of toys inspired by the protagonists of Japanese animation, robots and not only, from the dawn of this production to the most recent creations.

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum last showcase
An army of Robots!

Useful informations

The exhibition will be held from April 14 to September 10 –  2017
Address: Limonaia del Museo Stibbert, via Federigo Stibbert 26, Florence
Opening hours:
Monday-Wednesday: 10-14
Friday-Sunday: 10-18
Closed on Thursday
Tickets: regular 8 euro, reduced 6 euro

All tours are guided, every hour there is a visit with up to 25 participants.

Official website

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