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Ramen mania! Where are the ramen bar in Tuscany?

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From Japan to Italy, ramen lands in Tuscany

We know about it watching the anime, Japanese cartoons, on television. Do you remember the restaurant of Shigemaro Mitamura from Love Me Knight? We loved it reading a manga like Naruto.
It’s present in almost every Japanese cartoon. We are talking about the Ramen.

What is Ramen?

The ramen is a soup with wheat noodles in a broth of meat or fish, accompanied by various elements such as algae, sliced pork, onions, surimi, boiled eggs and much more.
There are many variations of this dish, every region of Japan has developed its own. Among the most famous are the Shoyu Ramen (with meat broth flavoured with soy sauce) and the Miso Ramen (broth flavoured with miso, a condiment that is derived from the fermentation of yellow soybeans and sea salt).


Ramen bar

In Japan it is easy to find one of the many Ramen-ya, characteristic restaurants where they serve exclusively bowls of Ramen. These restaurants are usually from 10 to 20 seats at the counter and only three or four tables. But how many of you have had a chance to actually try out the Land of the Rising Sun? Obviously not to be confused with the portions of instant noodles that we can find in Italian supermarkets.

In Italy are opening many Sushi restaurants, usually “all you can eat” restaurants, while the Ramen-ya are still very few. In recent years are opening the first Ramen bar in Tuscany.

Ramen Bar in Tuscany
Ramen Bar (Photo by Will / CC BY)

Where are the Ramen bar in Tuscany? Let’s find out where they are!

In Florence there are Banki Ramen, Koto Ramen and Ramen Girl.
In the city of Prato there are, next to each other, La Fabbrica Alimentare and Koto Lab.

We want to try them all, which do you prefer?

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