Tuscan Maremma

Punta Ala: beaches, what to do, what to see

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Punta Ala, sea and yachts in Tuscany

Punta Ala is one of the most exclusive tourist resorts on the entire coast of Tuscany. Located in the Province of Grosseto, in the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala is appreciated for the beauty of the place, its port full of exclusive boats and yachts, the beaches, the beautiful sea, the pine forest and the promenade.

Punta Ala is located on the Maremma coast and extends from the tip of a promontory located at the southern end of the Gulf of Follonica (Punta Hidalgo), which overlooks the sea right in front of the Island of Elba. The history of Punta Ala has a rather recent origin. The first to notice its beauty was the famous aviator Italo Balbo, who, flying over the area, fell in love with it and decided to buy some fortifications and villas. It was he who gave it the name of “Punta Ala”, a clear reference to his passion for flying, which replaced the previous name “Punta Troia”. As a tourist resort it has established itself since the 1970s when the tourist port was built, a real flagship of Punta Ala, and numerous villas. Since then, Punta Ala has developed as one of the most elegant and exclusive seaside resorts in all of Tuscany. A great contribution to this glamorous and refined atmosphere was given by the local Yacht Club, cradle of Luna Rossa, the famous sailing boat that competed in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the Americas Cup.

Punta Ala in Tuscany
Punta Ala

Beaches and sea in Punta Ala

Vacationing in Punta Ala means first of all going to the sea and enjoying relaxation on the beach. If you are a lover of beach holidays, you are in the right place. The sea is very beautiful and there is a very long sandy beach with many excellent equipped bathing establishments, as well as some enchanting coves that can be reached either on foot or by boat. Along the beach there is a very long pine forest that offers a bit of regenerating shade, very appreciable especially in the hottest hours.

Located north of Punta Hidalgo, the main beach of Punta Ala winds for almost 6 kilometers until it reaches the coasts of Scarlino where we find the beautiful Cala Civette and Cala Violina. The beach of Punta Ala is generally characterized by clear and very fine sand that goes perfectly with a really beautiful sea like the one there is here.

In the stretch closest to the promontory there are several equipped bathrooms but moving away you can take advantage of large stretches of free beach and there is also a piece of beach for dogs. As mentioned, behind the beach there is a pine forest that is crossed by several pedestrian passages. There is no shortage of parking lots where you can leave your car without having to walk too far to reach the beach. In addition to the bathing establishments that are particularly suitable for a holiday in Punta Ala with children, there are also some bars and clubs along the beach. In short, the services are not lacking!

Let’s see which are the most beautiful beaches of Punta Ala:

Punta Ala free beach

In the central stretch of the beach of Punta Ala, there is ample space for the free beach and also a beach for dogs, called Bau Beach Platone. Spiaggia del Piastrone is easily accessible from the parking (for a fee) along the provincial road. There is also a bar in the immediate vicinity.

Cala del Barbiere

Not far from the town of Punta Ala, at the foot of Punta Hidalgo, we find Cala del Barbiere. This small cove can be reached thanks to a short path that starts from a parking lot and crosses the pine forest. The presence of trees right next to the beach creates an excellent shelter from the sun. This beach is a mix of sand and pebbles. Two curiosities: the first is cinematographic, in 1973 the film “Duck in Orange Sauce” was shot here; the second is archaeological, Cala del Barbiere was in fact investigated by archaeologists who found finds from the Etruscan and Roman times.

Spiaggetta del Porto di Punta Ala

The Spiaggetta del Porto di Punta Ala, as you can easily imagine, is located near the port. To reach it you have to cross the Marina of Punta Ala. This beach is well delimited by the rocks and is entirely occupied by a bathing establishment, therefore it can only be accessed by renting an umbrella and deck chairs. This beach is well sheltered, sandy and the water slopes gently, making it a great choice if you come to Punta Ala with children. From a landscape point of view, this beach is not bad at all: in the background you can see Elba while closer you can admire the Isolotto dello Sparviero. On the relief that dominates the beach, reachable with a pleasant walk along a path, there are the Castle of Punta Ala and a belvedere which is located right on the tip of the promontory.

Cala Tartana and Spiaggia del Poggettone

Climbing towards the south side of the promontory of Punta Ala, you reach Cala Tartana (not to be confused with Bagno Tartana which is on the other side of the promontory) and the Spiaggia del Poggettone. These beaches follow one another along the south coast of Punta Ala and share not only their position but also a certain difficulty in being reached. To get there you will have to walk a fairly demanding path so you should organize yourself and equip yourself with the right shoes and clothing. Il Poggettone in particular is a beach of pebbles and rocks and therefore it is better to be prepared with suitable shoes. Certainly not the most suitable beach for children (to put it mildly), however the place is beautiful and the view is remarkable. There are no establishments.

What to do in Punta Ala

Punta Ala is a seaside resort and as such offers many opportunities for fun and entertainment related to the sea. You can practice many sports such as kitesurfing, fishing or kayaking, rent a boat or a dinghy to explore the coast with all its coves. Those south of the promontory in particular are perhaps easier to reach by sea than by land. Still on the subject of sports but staying on the mainland, you can rent a bike, organize a horseback ride on the beach or play golf… in one of the most glamorous locations on the Tuscan coast, a golf club could certainly not be missing! To complete the roundup of things to do in Punta Ala, there is the classic promenade along the seafront and in the tourist port where there are always magnificent yachts moored.

What to do in Punta Ala in the evening? Don’t worry, there is no lack of nighttime entertainment. In the center of Punta Ala there are some clubs that organize evenings with live music and DJ sets, while along the beaches there are beach clubs and discos where you can have fun all night long.

What to see in Punta Ala

In addition to the Tourist Port, in Punta Ala there are some interesting architectures that you may want to visit between one swim and another. The first point of interest is the Castle of Punta Ala (or Torre di Troia Nuova) which dates back to the sixteenth century as well as the Torre Hidalgo. Both architectures are located on the promontory and were built to defend the coast from pirate raids. Another tower, the Torre degli Appiani, is located on the islet of the Sparviero. There are many luxury villas: among these Villa a ventaglio, Villa Lorenzini, Villa Di Salvo and Villa Rusconi-Quiriconi. We close with theChiesa della Signora della Consolata built in the 60s of the twentieth century and with the small Cappella di Sant’Antonio which dates back to the eighteenth century.

Surroundings of Punta Ala

What to see near Punta Ala? The first place to visit can only be the municipal capital, Castiglione della Pescaia. A valid seaside resort, Castiglione also preserves a notable historical and artistic heritage starting from its castle. Still on the sea theme, one of the most famous locations near Punta Ala is Follonica. Inland, but not far from the sea, I recommend you also visit Scarlino and above all the ancient Etruscan city of Vetulonia.

How to get to Punta Ala

Punta Ala does not have a train station and is therefore not very convenient to reach by public transport. The nearest station is in Follonica, about 20 kilometers away. From Follonica you can reach Punta Ala by bus in about half an hour. Clearly it is easier to get to Punta Ala by car even if the journey from the main cities is by no means short. From Florence it takes two and a half hours, from Rome three hours. If you come from Florence you have to take the SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno and then Strada Statale 1 Aurelia; also coming from Pisa and Livorno you have to take the Aurelia while from Siena and Arezzo the State Road 223.

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