Pizzeria Acqua e Farina, pizza and hamburger near Florence

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Pizzeria Acqua e Farina

Pizzeria Acqua e Farina
Pizzeria Acqua e Farina

In 1976 the Ramones made their exuberant entrance in the rock scene with one of the most famous punk songs ever: Blitzkrieg Bop.

Joe, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone at firstwere a group of guys with a not outstanding musical technique. But one thing always characterized them: when they started to play, they have a fantastic energy and enthusiasm. Able to hide all the failings that objectively were expressed.

The pizzeria Acqua e Farina, I tried incognito on a Friday evening, is exactly like them.

As we will see, the defects are not lacking.
But I forgave them for the enthusiasm and passion of all the young staff (I guess no one is over 28 years), for attention to the territoriality of the raw materials and especially for the high quality of the pizzas, the real strength of the restourant.

The location

The pizzeria Acqua e Farina (I refuse to call it Pizzaburger!) is located just outside Bagno a Ripoli in a wonderful country house.
The interiors are renovated and furnished with taste, although I think they overplayed his hand on IKEA style.
Apparecchiatura minimale e informale, che ben si addice allo spirito del locale e alla verdissima età dello staff.

The menu

After ordering some good artisan beers, we tried the coccoli accompanied by ham and stracchino.
The coccoli are definitely very good and we already can see that the chef know what to do with flour, but the price ishould be reviewed (I think that 4 coccoli for 9 euro is too much).

The dinner continues with a goodHamburger a 3 pizzas, the real strenght points of the restourant.

I taked the pizza called “Stravagante” (San marzano tomatoes, burrata, dried tomatoes and capers): it was really good in raw materials especially in the dough which is very digestible! I have not had a pizza like this for a long time.

We didn’t try the desserts that still seemed interesting.

The service

It wasn’t good. The boy, though pleasant and polite, was very clumsy and he did many mistakes.
No drama, but surely that is a point on which the guys of staff must improve.

The bill

We were 4 people and we took 3 beers, 2 coccoli, 3 pizzas and 1 hamburger spending 25 euro per person.

If you also take a dessert, you can easly spend about 30 euro.

Maybe it’s too much, but the quality of raw materials and of the pizzas is high.

In conclusion

I believe that after some time and some adjustments resulting from the experience, the pizzeria will fully exploit its strengths!


Stay Hungry

Capitan Papilla


Useful informations


Via del Padule 23, Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

Official website

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