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Marina di Massa: beaches, what to see, how to get there

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Holidays in Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa is one of the main seaside resorts of the Apuan Riviera. Located in the northernmost stretch of the Tuscan coast, the city is part of the municipality of Massa which is just 4 kilometers away.

A popular seaside destination for both locals and tourists from northern Italy, Marina di Massa is appreciated for the extent of its beaches, the quality and quantity of services it can offer.

Along its almost 10 kilometers of coastline there are dozens of bathing establishments accompanied by as many restaurants, bars, clubs and discos. A further advantage of this locality is its mild climate which contributes to making Marina di Massa an ideal destination for those in search of relaxation.

Marina di Massa, however, is not only sea and relaxation, the city is in fact able to offer various opportunities to have fun both day and evening with a respectable nightlife.


The area in which Marina di Massa is located has been swampy, and for this reason little frequented, for many centuries. The first settlements date back to the sixteenth century, or when the first swamp reclamation interventions were started.

To see a real development of the center it is necessary to go as far as the nineteenth century when the reclamation was finally completed. Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Marina di Massa established itself as a seaside resort, becoming one of the most popular destinations on this stretch of coast.

Marina di Massa
Marina di Massa (Photo by Francesco Zanardini / CC BY)

What to see and what to do in Marina di Massa

It is clear that the main reasons to spend your holidays in Marina di Massa are the sea and beach life, but there are also other activities to do in the city and also something to see. Furthermore, Marina di Massa is in an excellent position that allows you to quickly reach the various locations of Versilia, the cities of Massa and Carrara and the Apuan Alps.

Sea and beaches in Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa boasts a wide coastline over 9 kilometers long. The whole coast of Marina di Massa is characterized by a very long beach that is interrupted by some rivers and canals that flow into the sea and by a series of artificial cliffs that actually divide the coast into many smaller beaches. The various stretches of beach are protected by both cliffs and some breakwater barriers that serve to counteract the phenomenon of coastal erosion. This beach is almost always sandy, the water is usually clean and the seabed near the shore is shallow: a perfect mix for children by the sea.

Bathing establishments of Marina di Massa

Most of the beaches of Marina di Massa are occupied by bathing establishments. The full-bodied presence of bathrooms makes this location an excellent choice for those planning a family vacation and with children.

With so many bathing establishments, it is reasonable to expect a very wide quantity and variety of services. And indeed it is so; in addition to the basic services that you can expect to find in any bathroom such as the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and cabins and the rescue service, the establishments of Marina di Massa offer pedal boat rental services, organize recreational activities on the beach and are often equipped with bars and restaurants to eat by the sea.

Free beaches

Even the vast majority of the beaches of Marina di Massa are occupied by the bathrooms that follow one another almost without interruption, even here we find some stretches of free beach which you can access for free and plant your own umbrella. There are various stretches of free beach, more or less large, scattered here and there. Let’s see below which are the main ones.

In the northernmost stretch, not far from the border with Carrara, there is the Partaccia free beach which is equipped with a free shower, lifeguard and beach volleyball court; behind it there is also a small pine forest where you can find some shade during the hottest hours.

Another free beach, quite wide, is located in front of the Colonia Torino overlooking the Lungomare di Ponente. Partly sandy and partly pebbly, this beach is protected between two cliffs, the northernmost one of which is called the “Cliff of Love”. The lifeguard is also present here.

Right at the height of the Marina di Massa jetty we find the Betti free beach, which develops in a short stretch both to the right and to the left of the jetty. It is a sandy beach which is very centrally located.

Continuing further, you reach the Lungomare di Levante. Here there are other free beaches. The first is the Bad Kissingen free beach which is quite large and equipped with various services such as showers and toilets.

Continuing further, there are the Poveromo free beach and the Trabucco free beach which is located in the southernmost stretch of the Massa coast.

Beach for dogs in Marina di Massa

The Bau Beach of Marina di Massa is located in the northernmost stretch of the coast of the city, not far from the Partaccia free beach. It is not a particularly wide beach and unfortunately it is not very well equipped. Mainly sandy, the beach also has some rocks here and there.

What to do in Marina di Massa

As in many other seaside towns, one of the most typical things to do in Marina di Massa is the classic walk along the seafront. In this case we are talking about a kilometer-long walk that can also be done by bicycle, taking advantage of the very long cycle path that even reaches Forte dei Marmi.

For the entertainment of the little ones (and not only), in Marina di Massa there are several playgrounds and amusement parks with rides, minigolf and many other attractions.

And the evening? In the evening you can start with an aperitif by the sea in one of the clubs located directly on the beach, continue with a fish-based dinner and then stay up late in one of the many nightclubs or in one of the city’s discos.

What to see in Marina di Massa

As you might expect, Marina di Massa is not a place for cultural tourism. There is no real historic center and the city is not exactly full of museums and monuments. In any case, at the beginning of the twentieth century, several Art Nouveau villas were built here which are certainly beautiful to see, even if only from the outside. The most important are Villa Corsi, Villa Doria and Villa Franca.

One of the symbols of Marina di Massa is its long pier. Ideal for a nice walk (…at sunset if you are in the mood for romance), the pier ends with a sort of square complete with benches on which to relax while admiring the sea or the fishermen throwing their lures.

A particularly interesting monument is the large sculptural group called “Le Vele“, designed by the sculptor Pino Castagna and inaugurated in 2009. Le Vele is located in Bad Kissingen square.

Among the architecture, the Edoardo Agnelli marine colony, better known as FIAT Tower, is worthy of note. Located on the Lungomare di Ponente, the tower was built in 1933. Born as a summer colony, the FIAT Tower is characterized by a cylindrical shape with a helical development. Right from the start, the tower was highly appreciated for its aesthetic sense and for some technical solutions adopted and still today it is a very special building that deserves to be seen.

What to see around Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa is located a stone’s throw from the historic center of Massa and Carrara is also not far away. If you want to combine a little culture with a beach holiday, you must definitely visit these two cities.

If, on the other hand, you want to get to know other seaside resorts, I would like to point out the nearby Marina di Carrara and above all the centers of Versilia such as Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio.

This area of Tuscany is also appreciated for its naturalistic beauties. In particular, Lunigiana and the Apuan Alps are always able to offer great surprises. On the Apuan Alps you can also visit the marble quarries which are located a few kilometers from Marina di Massa.

On the Lungomare di Levante of Marina di Massa, in Ronchi, there is a WWF educational center where wild animals in recovery or rehabilitation are welcomed; definitely a good place to visit especially if you are with your children.

How to get to Marina di Massa

Marina di Massa is located in the north-western area of Tuscany 5 kilometers from Massa, 10 from Carrara, 45 from Lucca and Pisa and 115 from Florence. The closest railway station is Massa Centro which is 4 km away. The city is also not far from the exit of the A12 motorway, so it is quite easy to reach by car.

If you travel by public transport you will have to take the train to the Massa Centro station and then continue with a bus that will take you to your destination in a few minutes.

By car: if you come from Florence (1h 30′) and Lucca (40′) you have to take the A11 motorway to Viareggio and then turn onto the A12 to Carrara. From Pisa (40′) and Livorno (50′) you have to take the SS1 Aurelia and then continue on A12. Leaving the A12 you will have to follow the signs for Marina di Massa and in a few minutes you will be there.

Where to stay in Marina di Massa

The hotels in Marina di Massa are almost all located a stone’s throw from the sea, and this will allow you to reach the beach comfortably on foot without having to take the car. In the area there are also some bed and breakfasts, campsites and farmhouses. In the city you can also find apartments for rent and holiday homes.

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