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Marina di Grosseto: beaches, what to see, how to get there

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What to do and what to see in Marina di Grosseto

Marina di Grosseto is a seaside resort located along the coast of the Tuscan Maremma 12 kilometers from Grosseto. It is a destination for the summer holidays chosen mainly by the locals but not disdained by many other Tuscans as well. It is certainly not one of the most glamorous and renowned seaside towns in the region, but it boasts an excellent location a short distance from the Maremma Park and other places of great charm such as Castiglione della Pescaia. With its very wide sandy beach and the many services it can offer, Marina di Grosseto is an ideal destination for those who want to take a relaxing beach holiday. Here the tourist can devote himself fully to the classic holiday life alternating bathing in the sea, relaxing on the beach and stops in the pine forest.


Marina di Grosseto was born towards the end of the eighteenth century, developing around a small fishing town called San Rocco. The construction of the Forte di San Rocco dates back to that period, commissioned by the Lorraines to guard the Maremma coast. The development as a seaside resort dates back to the late nineteenth century. Over time the city experienced a certain development becoming a destination capable of attracting more and more people. In 2003 a marina was also built which gave a new impetus to the development of the center. Today Marina di Grosseto also boasts the prestigious Blue Flag award assigned by the FEEE (Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe).

Marina di Grosseto
Marina di Grosseto (Photo by Cociancich elisa / CC BY)

Guide to visiting Marina di Grosseto

The main reason for spending your holidays in Marina di Grosseto are its long and wide beaches. In addition to this, the city can be considered a very good starting point for exploring the surrounding area and the entire province of Grosseto. In addition to the sea and the beaches, there are some things to see, several opportunities to have fun even in the evening and playgrounds where you can take the children. Among the activities that can be carried out there are also many sports related to the sea such as sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

ùIf you are on holiday with your dog, you will be pleased to know that there is a dog beach in Marina di Grosseto. If you want some advice, rent a bike and take advantage of the cycle paths. Marina di Grosseto has three in particular which reach respectively as far as Grosseto, Castiglione della Pescaia and Principina.

Sea and beaches in Marina di Grosseto

Marina di Grosseto has a beach several kilometers long that goes from the border with Castiglione della Pescaia in the north to the one with Principina a Mare in the south. In addition to being long, this beach is also very wide and in some places reaches a depth of 150 meters. Bordered by a large and dense pine forest, the beach of Marina di Grosseto is entirely made of sand. The sea has a shallow bottom that slopes very gently, which makes it very suitable for families with children.

In the northernmost part, the beach is equally divided between bathing establishments and stretches of free beach. Behind this beach there is a thick and wide pine forest, perfect for finding shelter during the hottest hours of the day.

The central part, on the other hand, which coincides with the inhabited center, is almost completely occupied by the equipped bathhouses. In the middle of the central stretch we find the tourist port of Marina di Grosseto, where you can always see many boats docked.

Finally, the last stretch, the one to the south, is a free beach. Here a large space is occupied by the Dog Beach of Marina di Grosseto. It is a very wide and clean beach, albeit without services. In any case, you should come to this beach with your dog to avoid the risk of getting a fine. This beach is located more or less halfway between Marina di Grosseto and Principina but is easy to reach even by bike.

With the exception of the city stretch, where you reach the beach directly from the town, access to the sea takes place using the paths that cross the pine forest.

What to do and what to see in Marina di Grosseto

There are many recreational activities to do in Marina di Grosseto. Over the years the offer has expanded more and more and today you can practice many beach sports such as beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach tennis and many water sports.


Among the things to do in Marina di Grosseto you cannot miss the classic promenade, with a stop at the marina. In the port of Marina di Grosseto, in addition to admiring the moored boats, you can take a walk on the San Rocco cliff that will take you to the sea entrance of the port.

Playgrounds for kids

The little ones can have fun in the city playgrounds. There are several: the Parco Avventura Le Marze, the Parco Percorso Albero Vivo and the Parco Avventura Cieloverde. All these parks are surrounded by greenery and offer more or less demanding routes, suitable for children of all ages.

Forte San Rocco

The most important historical monument is certainly the Forte San Rocco which is located right in the center of Marina di Grosseto. Built in the second half of the 18th century, the fort overlooks the homonymous canal of San Rocco and the port. The complex consists of a tower with a rectangular base provided with a solid shoe base on the side facing the sea. Above this base there is a terrace that was once used to house the cannons. There would also be a second fort, Forte delle Marze, which is located along the coast in the part towards Castiglione della Pescaia, but is privately owned.

What to see around Marina di Grosseto

Marina di Grosseto is located in a position from which it is easy to reach the capital Grosseto, and several other places on the Maremma coast such as the aforementioned Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala and Talamone. The Argentario is also not far away: here you can visit Orbetello, Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. Inland there are Vetulonia, Scansano and Magliano in Toscana to be seen.

How to get to Marina di Grosseto

If you want to reach Marina di Grosseto by public transport, you have to take the train to Grosseto. The Grosseto railway station is connected with those of numerous cities such as Florence, Pisa and Rome. From Grosseto you can then take a bus (Tiemme bus lines) to reach Marina di Grosseto. In the high season the connection is very frequent.

From Florence to Marina di Grosseto it takes about two hours by car. The route to take is as follows: Florence-Siena motorway junction and then continuing SS223 towards Grosseto and then follow the signs towards Marina di Grosseto. From Siena (90 km – 1 hour journey) just take the SS223 to Grosseto and then follow towards the sea. Arezzo is about 155 km away and a 2 hour drive. From Pisa (150 km – 1 hour and 45 minutes) and Livorno (140 km) the road to take is the SS1 Aurelia along the coast up to Marina di Grosseto.

Where to stay in Marina di Grosseto

The hotels in Marina di Grosseto are almost all located a stone’s throw from the sea, and this will allow you to reach the beach comfortably on foot without having to take the car. In the area there are also some bed and breakfasts, campsites and farmhouses. In the city you can also find apartments for rent and holiday homes.

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