Lavender fields in Tuscany

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Scents and colors in the lavender fields in Tuscany

In the picturesque Tuscan countryside there is a fragrant secret, an enchanting “corner of Provence” among the Pisan Hills. Here, fields once cultivated with wheat have been transformed into lively expanses of lavender and other aromatic plants, following the principles of the organic and biodynamic method.

Exploring the beauty of the lavender fields in the Province of Pisa

The Pisan Hills hide a Tuscan corner with intense lilac tones and the enveloping scent of lavender. This magical place is perfect for taking enchanting photographs and for immersing yourself in meditation, getting lost in the colors and smells of the Mediterranean scrub. Explore the valleys between Casciana Alta and Castellina Marittima, passing through Pieve di Santa Luce and Orciano Pisano, fascinating areas unknown to most travelers but ready to reveal themselves in their uncontaminated beauty. Here, lavender has taken the place of wheat, becoming not only an attraction for tourism, but also an extraordinary opportunity for local farms.

The lovely lavender in bloom in late July is carefully harvested to transform into essential oils used as food flavors, perfumes, soaps, supplements and much more. These fields of beauty, spanning eighteen hectares, represent years of study, patience and commitment to promoting biodiversity and eco-sustainability. This ambitious project, financed by the Tuscany Region through European funds and called “Flora Aromatica Santa Luce e Valle dei Profumi”, has not only created a new production chain of medicinal herbs, but has also started a model of sustainable tourism development based on authenticity of the values and resources of the territory.

Lavender fields in Tuscany

Orciano Pisano

The flowering period of the lavender fields, which runs from June to August, creates an enchanting landscape along the Strada Provinciale delle Colline which connects Orciano Pisano to Santa Luce. This is the best time to admire lavender in its full splendor, with the end of June as the peak, while the delicate harvesting process begins at the end of July.

Orciano Pisano, the smallest municipality in the province of Pisa, enchants the eyes and camera lenses with its rolling hills and vibrant colors. This picturesque corner of Tuscany is perfect for slow tourism, which includes walking, cycling and relaxing horseback excursions.

Santa Luce

The lavender fields of Santa Luce have quickly attracted the attention of travellers, turning the area into an unmissable stop for lovers of nature and beauty. Here, farms and producers welcome visitors with enthusiasm, sharing with them every phase of their work, from harvesting to steam distillation, up to the creation of essential oils with multiple benefits.

In addition to lavender, the area offers a rich experience of nature with the Santa Luce Lake Regional Reserve, a paradise for lovers of birdwatching and outdoor activities, including holistic and spiritual paths.

Lavender Pisan Hills

Castellina Marittima

Even in Castellina Marittima, visionary agricultural entrepreneurs have embraced the project of the “valley of perfumes and colors” in the Pisan Hills. Here, the landscape transforms into an enchanting colorful scenario, where it is possible to live a unique experience, respecting the surrounding environment. Immersed in tranquility and greenery. This uncontaminated territory offers routes through woods, hills, streams and gorges. Wildlife, including wild boars and fallow deer, still populate these places, making the experience even more magical and authentic.

In this place where nature is still sovereign, it is possible to immerse yourself completely, embracing the slow passage of time and the timeless beauty of the lavender fields of the Pisan Hills. This is an invitation to abandon yourself to the wonder of nature, an unforgettable experience that reveals itself among scents, colors and the sweet song of the wind in the fields.

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