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Lakes in Tuscany

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Lakes in Tuscany: discover the main bodies of water in the region

If you are looking for a holiday surrounded by nature and relaxation, Tuscany could be the ideal destination for you. In fact, in this region, you can find numerous lakes and ponds, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

The main lakes of Tuscany

Tuscany is home to many lakes, but some of them stand out for their size and beauty. Among the main lakes of Tuscany we find the Lake of Bilancino, located a few kilometers from Florence which is highly appreciated for the numerous sporting activities that can be carried out inside. In the province of Lucca, we find Lake Massaciuccoli, which extends for about 6 sq km and is an important staging area for numerous species of migratory birds.

Lakes of Tuscany for fishing

If you are a fishing enthusiast, Tuscany offers you numerous opportunities to satisfy your passion. Among the lakes in Tuscany that are ideal for fishing, we find Lake Vagli, which is home to numerous species of fish, including chub and trout. Enthusiasts know that in Tuscany there are many lakes and ponds where you can go fishing. Among these are Vallechiara Lake, Dudda Lake, Chiusi Lake and Montepulciano Lake.

Lakes in Tuscany for swimming

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place to cool off during the hot summer days, Tuscany will not disappoint you. Among the bathing lakes in Tuscany, we find Lake Bilancino, Lake Renai a Signa, near Florence, Lake Castelruggero, Lake Gramolazzo and Lake Accesa.

Vagli lake

Lake Vagli, located in the Garfagnana, is one of the most famous natural attractions in Tuscany. This artificial lake was created in 1947, after the construction of a dam on the Edron stream. The peculiarity of Lake Vagli is that, from time to time, it is completely emptied to allow maintenance of the dam and the reservoir. During this period, the old village of Fabbriche di Careggine re-emerges from the waters, which was submerged by the waters after the construction of the dam. Near Lake Vagli, I point out Vagli Park with its “flight of the angel”, which will allow you to admire the lake from a different perspective.

Lago di Vagli
Lago di Vagli

Lake of Isola Santa

We remain in Garfagnana for the Lake of Isola Santa. Like Lake Vagli, this lake is also of artificial origin. On its banks overlooks the homonymous village of Isola Santa, a tiny and charming village surrounded by green and high mountains. In recent years, Isola Santa has gained some notoriety, becoming one of the main attractions of this part of Tuscany; the beauty of the place is indisputable, so it is no wonder of this success.

Isola Santa
Isola Santa

Lago di Gramolazzo

Lake Gramolazzo is also located in the Garfagnana and like the first two, this too is an artificial lake. Lake Gramolazzo is a hydroelectric reservoir which was created in the 1950s by blocking the Serchio River. Today it is a very popular destination for tourists, who can practice water sports here such as rowing and windsurfing, but also fish and swim. In its surroundings there are picnic areas, hotels, bars, restaurants, electric bike hire and various trekking routes.

Lago Nero

The Lago Nero is located in the Province of Pistoia in the municipal territory of Abetone. It is a lake of glacial origin, located at an altitude of over 1700 meters above sea level. The Black Lake is surrounded by the reliefs of the Apennines which in this area also reaches 2000 meters in height. So named for the dark reflection that its waters give off, the Lago Nero is an ideal destination for lovers of trekking and unspoilt nature.

Bilancino lake

Lake Bilancino is located near Barberino di Mugello, a few kilometers from Florence. It is an artificial lake, created in the 1990s to solve the water supply problems of the city of Florence and to prevent flooding of the Sieve River which is the main tributary of the Arno. Today, Lake Bilancino is a much-loved destination for tourists and sports enthusiasts, who can practice water sports here such as windsurfing and sailing, but also fishing and swimming.

Lago di Bilancino in Mugello
Lago di Bilancino (Photo by SailkoCC BY)

Lake of Massaciuccoli

Lake Massaciuccoli is located in the province of Lucca, near the Versilia coast. It is a lake of alluvial origin, located in an area once entirely covered by marshes. Thanks to its position, Lake Massaciuccoli is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the sea and the mountains at the same time. Here it is possible to practice some water sports such as kayaking and canoeing, but also birdwatching by taking advantage of the equipped huts found on its banks. It is in fact a very popular destination for birdwatchers who can admire many species of birds here such as the marsh harrier, various types of heron, the mallard and the river nightingale.

Torre del Lago Puccini
Lake Massaciuccoli

Lake of Santa Luce

Lake of Santa Luce is located in the province of Pisa, near the Tyrrhenian coast. It is a lake of artificial origin, created to guarantee a water supply for the Solvay plant in Rosignano. Today the lake is a regional reserve and already in 1992 a LIPU Oasis was established here with the aim of protecting the habitat that had developed spontaneously since the creation of the lake. The lake boasts an enormous wealth of biological diversity, in fact here you can admire many animal and plant species and the surrounding landscape is also a real spectacle!

Chiusi lake

Chiusi Lake is located in the province of Siena, near the border with Umbria. It is a lake of tectonic origin which, thanks to its isolated position, represents an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquillity. Lake Chiusi is also a very popular destination for fishermen and birdwatchers. In fact, the lake is home to numerous fish species and many birds have made it their resting and nesting area.

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