La Divina Pizza in Florence

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La Divina Pizza in Florence, not the classical pizzeria

La Divina Pizza in Florence Logo

I tell you now, La Divina Pizza in Florence is not the classical pizzeria. If you are faithful to the neapolitan pizza, perhaps you need to look elsewhere.

This pizzeria is located at the crossroads between via dell’Agnolo and Borgo Allegri in the distric of Santa Croce in Florence. La Divina Pizza is specialized in pizza by the slice.
A very informal local, where you are greeted warmly by the staff and by the owner that describes in great detail the various pizzas and its ingredients.

The menu

Ingredients are one of the strengths of this pizzeria. In the pizzas we can find seasonal products combined with skill and imagination, and especially flour milled at stone with long fermentation sourdough. This type of mixture makes the pizza very digestible, a rare quality!
There isn’t a set menu; from time to time there are pizzas that are always different. If you want you can take a classic pizza, though I would recommend getting various tastes among those ready which are heated at the time.

The price is a little above average, but the quality of the ingredients, the chance to try several flavors and excellent digestibility of pizza in my opinion justify the expense.

In addition we must consider that we are right in the Centre of Florence!

In conclusion

The quality of the materials and the friendliness of the staff are the strengths of this place. The pizzas are really good though deviate from tradition.
The weaknesses are the dimensions of the place, not particularly large, and the price that is not one of the cheapest, but which I believe is justified.

I recommend it!

Useful informations


Borgo Allegri 50r, Florence

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sataurday: e
Closed on Sunday

Official website

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