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Restaurant La Botteghina in Asciano

La Botteghina in Asciano: where you can eat local products

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Located on the main road of Asciano, La Botteghina is a small (inside there are only four tables plus a couple outside) typical restaurant which is also a grocery.
Rustic but cosy in this little place, you will be welcomed as if you were a guest at a friend’s house.

The menu

The culinary offer of the Botteghina is perfect for a quick meal or snack. All products have a local origin, so the quality and respect for tradition are guaranteed.
The menu is composed by taglieri (with cheese, croutons, meat and much more), tuscan starters, especially croutons, typical soups as the bread soup, meats and cheeses.
I tried a tagliere, called Toscanaccio delle Crete, composed by tuscan cold cuts, vegetables, cheese and a taste of Cinta Senese . It was simply delicious!

la botteghina in asciano menu
The menu

Very good also the wine selection, strictly toscan wines, both red and white. In particular, many come from Montalcino and Chianti.
Wines of the house: Red from Montepulciato and White from Chianti: 3 euros for the “quartino” (250cc).

The bill

The tagliere that I took, is perfect for a light lunch and costs only 8 euro; hungriest people could order something more but they hardly will spend more than 20 euros.
In my opinion, a fair value for money.

A curiosity…

During the renovation of the restaurant was found a cave which was originally used as a wine cellar.
Today in this space are kept cheeses and meats. Ask to take a tour!

In conclusion

If you are looking for the taste of local products and a family atmosphere, La Botteghina is the right place for you.

Useful information


Corso Matteotti 56, Asciano (SI)

Opening times

Monday, wednesday: from 12.30
Tuesday, thursday, friday, sabato: from 9.45
Sunday: from 10.45

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