Robot invasion at the japanese rooms of the Stibbert Museum

The japanese rooms of the Stibbert Museum reopen

The japanese collection of Frederick Stibbert was born in 1870. It was one of the first collections of this kind outside Japan, the first ever in Italy.

The japanese rooms of the Stibbert Stibbert Museum were created between the 1889 and the 1890. In the early decades of the twentieth century the setup was revisited, but since then there have been no restorations.

The japanese collection remained closed to public for a long time, remaining open only under certain circumstances.
A real shame because they guard a big treasure made of weapons, armors and many items from the land of the rising sun.

Stibbert Samurai armour
Samurai armour

A new restoration, financed by various sponsors including the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze,has made usable again this extraordinary Museum section. Wednesday, April 12, 2017 there will be the inauguration of the new opening and from Friday 14 April the halls will finally be reopened to the public.

In addition to the restoration, which covered both the artifacts that windows and backgrounds, there is a new setup of the entire section of the Museum.

Robot Fever at Stibbert Museum Goldrake
Robot at the Stibbert museum

“Robot Fever. Il Samurai nell’era dei Chogokin” brings robot at the Stibbert Museus

For the reopening of the Japanese rooms, will open the exhibition Robot Fever. Il Samurai nell’era dei Chogokin. The exhibition will be from 14 April to September 10, 2017. A real invasion of robots at the Stibbert Museum, which will see the comparison between the characters in cartoons and armour in the collection.

The giant Japanese robots, that we admired on tv since the early ‘ 70, in some way are the heirs of armors on display in the Museum. In fact, the designers of these heroes of steel have largely inspired by the samurai, their weapons and their armor.
The exhibition presents the parallels between the ancient samurai and the robot through the chogokin, a line of toys that plays various robots as Mazinga Z, Goldrake e Daitarn 3.

Robot Fever
Robot Fever