Il Santo Bevitore – The restaurant for special occasions

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Il Santo Bevitore

There are great days. Days where everything goes magically according to your wishes.

My Perfect Day was on my birthday.

A date that since i’m over 30, I hate with all my heart.

This year it was unforgettable. I spent time surrounded by the love of the people dearest to me and cuddled in a wonderful SPA.

In the evening, when I stepped into the gate of the Santo Bevitore, I was in a kind of Nirvana, a state of absolute peace that dinner has confirmed, leaving me in an overdose of endorphins.

The Location

Il Santo Bevitore is located in Via di Santo Spirito, right in the heart of the florentine nightlife.

The interiors are well tended and there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The Menu

The menu is not extensive and is periodically updated according to the Chef’s creativity and the availability of raw materials. Great business card!

During dinner I tried some buckwheat noodles, pheasant breast, fennel with thyme so good that I almost forget the other dish ordered: Ravioli with broccoli, crayfish and bagna cauda. Done very well with good raw materials (crayfish were awesome) but slightly unsalted (maybe they need a seasoning that links all with greater decision than the broth of bagna cauda).

Il santo bevitore Ravioli with broccoli
Ravioli with broccoli


Il Santo Bevitore Noodles with pheasant breast
Noodles with pheasant breast

To follow pumpkin flan, parmesan and amaretti (good) and a beautiful lamb shank, shallots, pear and lemon cream. A lust.

Il santo bevitore lamb shank
Lamb shank

In the end, a chocolate and Apple mousse. Strangely not as good as the previous dishes. Too bad!

The service

Friendly yet professional and attentive. The waiter who followed us was perfect by helping us in the choiceof dishes. All the staff is harmonious and professional.

The bill

With 2 first courses, 2 second plates, 1 cake, 1 glass of wine and 1 beer we spent around €90

It’s worth it all.

Captain’s opinion

Despite a notsogooddessert choice, Il Santo Bevitore has been confirmed as one of the best Florentine restaurants of medium-high range (40-90 € per person).

If you are looking for a venue for a special evening this is a good choice.

Stay Hungry

Capitan Papilla

Useful information


Via di Santo Spirito 64/66, Florence

Official website

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