How to see the Palio di Siena
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How to take part and to see the Palio di Siena

See live the Palio

There are two ways to watch live the Palio di Siena: from the inside of the square and outside the circuit. Places within the square are free, standing, and do not need a ticket; you can enter in the square until the Historic Court makes his entrance on, however you should arrive well in advance, before 5 pm.
On the sides of the square stages are set up, these stages are managed independently by the so called “palcaioli” (the owners or managers of the various sections of the stage). As an alternative to the stages you can attend to the Palio from the windows and terraces of buildings overlooking the square. These spaces are managed directly by the property owners. You have to pay to assist from stages, windows and terraces.

How to see the Palio di Siena from the square
See the Palio di Siena from the square

Where to buy the tickets for the Palio di Siena

There aren’t shops that sell tickets, the only way to get one is to be able to directly contact who handles them or obtain a contact in town.

Siena contrade's flags
Contrade’s flags

How much are tickets?

As there is no official resale, is not possible to provide reliable prices but we can tell you that a place on the stages costs at a minimum 300 euros. The windows, able to accommodate 3 or 4 people, easily cost more than 1000 euros.

Watch the Palio on TV

Il Palio is always broadcasted by the italian television RAI (the last Palio was on the channel Rai 2). If you are in Tuscany you can follow all the steps of the Palio, including trials that take place before the race, on channel 90 Siena TV.

In Streaming…

You will find the live streaming on the website of RAI.

Come partecipare al Palio di Siena - Piantina Piazza del Campo Accessi
Planimetry of Piazza del Campo (Photo by

Useful tips for the Palio di Siena

If you want to see the Palio in the square, you should prepare yourself properly. It is an exciting experience and a great opportunity to breathe a special atmosphere, but it can be a bit rough. Consider that inside the square there are no bathrooms and that the event takes place in the summer so, even if is possible to buy drinks, you have to gear up appropriately.

In 2017 were introduced new rules for safety in the square. Among these decisions, we report the one that prevents minors of 12 years to enter the center of the square.

In the end a tip that could be of great help: never meddle in disputes between locals and never disturb them, especially during the more challenging phases of the palio. Remember that the Palio for the people of Siena is extremely serious.
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