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Holidays in Tuscany with children

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Family holidays: tips for visiting Tuscany and activities to do with children

Tuscany is a destination appreciated by travelers from all over the world for its history, artistic heritage, good food and breathtaking views. Extraordinary cities of art such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, picturesque medieval villages such as San Gimignano, great abbeys and castles are among the main attractions of the region. Many choose Tuscany to relax among the beauties of nature and with a good glass of wine in hand, or to dive into the crystal clear waters of its seas, without forgetting that Tuscany also has great mountains with ski slopes.

Beyond the tastes that vary from person to person, all tourists have certain interests in common such as sleeping in cozy places at reasonable prices, relaxing, having fun, seeing beautiful things and eating well. It is equally true that the needs of a family are different from those that a couple or a group of friends can have. For example: which theme parks or playgrounds are there in Tuscany? What are the things to see that are also suitable for children? Where can we take our children to the sea? And the list goes on and on.

It is impossible to mention all the activities you could do and the things you could see with your children during a holiday in Tuscany. In this article, however, I will try to give you some interesting ideas to add some stops to your family trip.

Seaside Holiday in Tuscany with children

Tuscany has a very long coast washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and an archipelago made up of islands so beautiful that according to legend they were born from the pearls of the Venus necklace. There are many places to go to the beach with your children for a relaxing and fun holiday. Among the best known destinations is Versilia where there are many renowned bathing establishments especially in places such as Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi. I advise you to also evaluate the Etruscan Coast with its beautiful sandy beaches, the Maremma and the Argentario where you can enjoy a crystal clear sea. Last but not least, the aforementioned islands of the Tuscan archipelago starting from the wonderful Island of Elba.

Seaside Holiday in Tuscany with children

Holidays in Tuscany with children: what to see and what to do

Stibbert Museum in Florence

If you are visiting Florence with your children, I recommend that you take them to visit the Stibbert Museum. This particular museum is known from the collections of Fiederick Stibbert who in the course of his vineyard has collected over 50,000 pieces including paintings, ceramics, works of art of all kinds and lots of weapons and armor. Weapons and armor are the reason why I recommend this museum in this guide. I personally visited this museum many times when I was a child and each time I was fascinated to see all these armors. In particular in the museum there is a room, called the Sala della Cavalcata (Room of the Cavalcade), in which there are many knights on horseback wearing their magnificent armor, a real wonder!

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Stibbert Museum in Florence

Adventure parks in Tuscany

The moment that the most adventurous have been waiting for: the adventure parks! In Tuscany there are several and they are scattered practically in all areas of the region, some of these are perfect for children while others are more suitable for adults. Among those recommended for children are the Parco Avventura Il Gigante located in Vaglia in the province of Florence, Saltalbero in Rapolano Terme in the province of Siena, Il Giardino Sospeso in Riparbella (Pisa), Il Tasso Scatenato in Scarlino (Grosseto) , and Indiana Park on Monte Amiata.

Prehistoric Park of Peccioli

What is one of the things that children like more than any other? That’s right, the dinosaurs! In this regard, I would like to point out the Prehistoric Park of Peccioli where some of these creatures have been reconstructed that have always fascinated the little ones (and often their parents too). In the park there are 22 life-size reproductions of creatures that lived during prehistoric times including a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops and a huge Brachiosaurus… basically a kind of Jurassic Park!

Parco di Pinocchio in Collodi

The Parco di Pinocchio in Collodi is not the classic amusement park, it is an itinerary with strong literary declinations, through the main chapters of the history of the famous puppet. Mosaics, buildings and sculptures surrounded by greenery mark the ideal punctuation. What excites is the thick vegetation which, like a skilled storyteller, hides and reveals: each stage becomes surprising and unexpected. The Park itself is a place of cultural activities: exhibitions of art and illustrations inspired by reading for children and the story of Pinocchio, puppet creation workshops, puppet shows, marionettes and storytellers enrich, according to the season, the visit of the Park.

Cavallino Matto in Castagneto Carducci

With its 100,000 square meters, the Cavallino Matto is the largest amusement park in all of Tuscany. In the park there are 26 attractions and lots of games which are accompanied by live shows and events for young and old. With such a great choice of activities to do, you are sure to find something that will delight the whole family. The park is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest a stone’s throw from the beaches of Marina di Castagneto and the beautiful sea of the Etruscan Coast, one more reason to visit it!

Medieval festivals in Tuscany

The Middle Ages is an era that always arouses a certain charm and has left many traces in Tuscany. The great cities of art were “forged” in the Middle Ages as well as all those picturesque villages that we find perched on the hills of the countryside. What better way to experience this mythical era than by attending a medieval festival? In Tuscany there are so many themed parties and historical re-enactments, including knights, ladies, artisans, jesters and all sorts of costumed figures. Among the most popular are the medieval festival Bianco Azzurra in Castiglion Fiorentino, Tria Turris in Chiusi, the Festa del Barbarossa in San Quirico d’Orcia, the medieval festival in Malmantile and Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona.

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