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More and more foreigners choose Tuscany to get married

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Tuscany destination for … weddings!

Always considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions to visit, Tuscany is increasingly imposing itself also as a destination for weddings. It will be for its beautiful hills, the crystal-clear sea, the immense artistic and cultural heritage or perhaps for the great culinary tradition, the fact is that more and more people, coming from all over the globe, are choosing Tuscany as a location for their wedding.

Many foreigners every year decide to get married in Italy, and in fact we talk about a real “Wedding Business“, focused on the organization of marriages. Among the various Italian regions, Tuscany is the one that receives the greatest number of preferences, 31.9% of the total, much more than all the others; on the second and third place are Lombardy at 16% and Campania at 14.7%.

Foreign weddings in Tuscany

Who chooses Tuscany?

A further proof of how much Tuscany is appreciated as a location for weddings comes from a recent survey by Travel + Leisure magazine India & South Asia which indicated our region as the “Best wedding destination in the world“.

This result is not surprising if we consider the marriage between the captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli and the Bollywood star, Anushka Sharma who chose to get married at the “Borgo Finocchieto” resort in Buonconvento. For us they are not so well known names, but India the event had a great echo; just think that the local media called it “the Indian wedding of the year“.

But it is not only the Indians who appreciate our region; Tuscany is in fact a land of marriages also for British, US, Australian and German. In the future we also expect an increase in spouses also coming from Russia and China.

Which are the locations?

As it was easily predictable, Florence plays a leading role also in this context, especially with regards to particularly luxurious weddings; however, many people prefer a place immersed in the Tuscan countryside and therefore choose to marry in ancient villages, historic villas or castles.

Tuscan Countryside

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