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Dog beaches in Tuscany

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Beaches for dogs in Tuscany: bathhouses and free beaches

Many families, when planning their summer holidays, have to think about their dogs too. Until a few years ago, traveling with your dogs could be a serious problem because it was not so easy to find accommodation facilities available to welcome them.

Over time, however, this problem has been overcome and today there are many hotels, bed and breakfasts, campsites and apartments where dogs and more generally pets are welcome. But not only that, in some places, there are structures that offer special services, designed specifically for those traveling with dogs.

Summer holidays for many are those by the sea and Tuscany, with over 600 kilometers of coastline, has a truly remarkable sea offer.

Beaches for dogs in Tuscany
Beaches for dogs in Tuscany

Since the problem of the hotel is no longer so insurmountable and that in Tuscany there are so many places to go to the beach, one wonders: what are the best beaches for dogs in Tuscany?

In this guide we will see some of the most beautiful places to go to the beach in Tuscany with your dog.

Dog beaches in Versilia

The one in Versilia is the most glamorous sea in Tuscany, but this does not mean that there is also no space for our four-legged friends. Various locations in Versilia offer spaces dedicated to dogs so that they can enjoy its long sandy beach. In Versilia there are both equipped bathing establishments that accept dogs and stretches of pet friendly free beach.

Forte dei Marmi

In Forte dei Marmi you can take your dog to the beach managed by Bagno Flavio which is located in Via Arenile di Ponente, 56. This bathhouse has services dedicated to dogs such as showers.

Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore has two bathing establishments that allow dogs: Bagno Eugenia and Bagno Lido Verde. Both establishments are well equipped to ensure you have a pleasant stay with your furry friends.


If you choose Viareggio for your beach holiday with your dog, you can choose between an establishment and free beaches. In the central area of Viareggio, not far from the port, is the Bagno Marechiaro, a dog friendly establishment equipped with fenced umbrellas and other services. The free beaches for dogs of Viareggio are mostly found in the southernmost area where the Natural Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli begins. One of these is the Spiaggia della Lecciona, a wild beach, located halfway between Viareggio and Torre del Lago.

Dog beach in Tuscany
Dog beach in Tuscany

Beaches for dogs in Pisa

The main seaside resorts in the province of Pisa are Marina di Pisa, Tirrenia and Calambrone. It is in this last location that we find one of the most renowned dog bathhouse in all of Tuscany.


The Single Fin bath in Calambrone manages one of the best dog beaches on the Tuscan coast. This bathhouse is divided into two parts, one of which is entirely dedicated to those who go to the beach with the dog. Here there are about 80 umbrellas and about twenty gazebos in addition to showers, drinking troughs and other services dedicated to our animal friends.

Dog beaches in Livorno

Continuing along the coast of Tuscany in a southerly direction, we reach the province of Livorno. Here too there is no shortage of bau beaches. The first is located in Antignano, on the outskirts of Livorno, while the others are distributed along the Etruscan Coast.


The Spiaggia delle Tamerici of Antignano is a free access beach that accepts animals. Very easy to reach thanks to the paved paths and the presence of parking lots, this beach is perfect for relaxing by the sea with your dog. As mentioned, it is a free beach and does not have any services so its cleanliness depends on the education and civic sense of the people who frequent it.

Etruscan Coast

There are many beaches for dogs distributed all along the Etruscan Coast. Among the various options for going to the beach with the dog on the Etruscan Coast there are Cecina, San Vincenzo and Piombino.


Cecina offers a double choice to sea and animal lovers: free beach or equipped bathhouse. The free dog friendly beach of Cecina is located in the northernmost part of the Tombolo di Cecina Nature Reserve. It is called Le Gorette beach. It is a very wide beach made of sand and gravel. A section of the Gorette, the Bau Beach Gorette, is dedicated to dogs: here you will find an equipped bathing establishment and a section with free access. A second establishment that accepts dogs, the Bagno Donna di Cuori, is located along the city beach of Cecina.

San Vincenzo

A few kilometers further south we find the Dog Beach of San Vincenzo. This is one of the most famous dog beaches in all of Tuscany. Here you will find 100 meters of free beach and 100 meters of bathing establishment. In both cases the beach is completely dog friendly. This is a real paradise for our four-legged friends. There are many services such as showers and fountains but not only, here there are also dog educators, a veterinarian and a pet shop. Near the beach there is also a large wooded park where you can find some shelter from the sun during the hottest hours.


Also in Piombino we find a beach dedicated to dogs. It is located beyond the promontory of Piombino near the Parco della Sterpaia. Here there is a stretch of beach with free access and a section occupied by an establishment that accepts dogs. This is the Pascià Glam Dog Beach, a bathhouse equipped with everything you need to ensure a pleasant stay for your dogs too.

Bau Beach in Tuscany
Bau Beach in Tuscany


Even those who decide to spend their holidays on the Maremma sea can take advantage of the presence of some beaches that allow animals. There are some in every stretch of the Maremma coast: the first are in the parts of Follonica and Scarlino, then there are others between Castiglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto and finally also in the area of Monte Argentario.


In the southern part of the coast of the municipality of Follonica we find a bathing establishment that accepts dogs. This is the Bagno Mamai. Here animals are welcome and services are certainly not lacking.


Starting from Bagno Mamai, walking a kilometer or two along the coast you will arrive at the Puntone di Scarlino dog beach. Perfect for relaxing by the sea with your dog, this beach is also very popular with sports enthusiasts who can devote themselves to numerous activities here, starting with kite surfing.

Castiglione della Pescaia

Another equipped beach where you can go with your dog is the one managed by Bagno Capezzòlo in Castiglione della Pescaia. Here you’ll find a beautiful sea and many services. As with any other bathhouse, I advise you to always check which are the rules to be respected if you take your dog with you.

Marina di Grosseto

In the northernmost part of the coast of Marina di Grosseto we find the Fuorirotta Bau Bau Beach. Surrounded by pine forest and Mediterranean scrub, this beach establishment pays special attention to dogs and their owners.

Bau beach on the Argentario

At the southern end of the Tuscan coast we find Monte Argentario with its wonderful sea. Here too there are some beaches where you can take your dog, especially near Orbetello.


The first beach where dogs are allowed is located near the mouth of the Albegna river where the Bocche d’Albegna Camping Village is located. The second bau beach, not the most equipped to tell the truth, is located along the spiaggia della Giannella near the campsite of the same name. The third dog beach of Orbetello is located at the top of the spiaggia della Feniglia. Here, not far from Porto Ercole, we find the Braccio Energy Beach, an establishment that accepts animals willingly. Going up the Feniglia you will also find Playa del Can, a very wide and beautiful beach for dogs.

Dog beach on the Island of Elba

We end this guide with the Island of Elba, the queen of the Tuscan Archipelago.There is also a beach on Elba where you can take dogs. The Dog Beach of Porto Azzurro is located inside Cala di Mola not far from the town. It is accessed by paying a small price that allows you to take advantage of an umbrella and sunbeds. You will certainly not find the most beautiful sea on the island here, but your four-legged friends can have fun in complete freedom.

Dog friendly hotels in Tuscany

In almost all the seaside resorts of Tuscany there are pet friendly hotels that accept dogs, cats and other animals. You can find them all on booking.com using the form below.

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