Val d'Orcia
Val d'Orcia

Guide to Bagno Vignoni hot springs in Val d’Orcia

Bagno Vignoni hot springs of Val d’Orcia

The tiny medieval village of Bagno Vignoni is located less than 5 kilometers from San Quirico d’Orcia. Located a short distance from the route of Via Francigena, Bagno Vignoni is the most popular thermal bath in Val d’Orcia.
This place was known since Roman times thanks to the virtues of its sulphurous waters. In the middle age was created a bath controlled by the family Salimbeni, then by Sforza and Chigi. The fame of this spa is demonstrated by the attendance of celebrities like Pope Pio II, Caterina da Siena and Lorenzo de’ Medici.

What to do in Bagno Vignoni in Val d’Orcia

  • Piazza delle sorgenti
  • Loggiato di Santa Caterina
  • Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
  • Parco dei Mulini

The Centre of the village is gathered around the “Piazza delle sorgenti” (square of the springs), a large tub which was the heart of the spa. The nice loggiato di Santa Caterina, and the chapel dedicated to the Saint, overlooking the tub.

Bagno Vignoni hot springs in Val d'Orcia
Bagno Vignoni in Val d’Orcia (Photo by Lepo55 / CC BY)

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

Also on the Piazza delle sorgenti looks out the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista (church of saint John the Baptist). Inside are preserved a painting and a fresco. The painting, 18th century Sienese school, portraying Santa Caterina da Siena with Bagno Vignoni in the background. The fresco, from the chapel of Santa Caterina, represents the resurrection of Christ.

Parco dei Mulini

The thermal spring waters were used, in medieval times, to power the mills which, thanks to the steady influx guaranteed from the source, were active throughout the year.
In this area, where the water comes through a cascade, was instituted in 1997 the Parco naturale dei Mulini (natural park of mills).

Bagno Vignoni in Val d'Orcia - Parco dei Mulini
Parco dei Mulini (Photo by LigaDue / CC BY)

What to do near Bagno Vignoni

A short distance from Bagno Vignoni, we find the towns of Castiglione d’Orcia and Rocca d’Orcia, located 5 kilometers south. Among the other destinations in the valley, in addition to the aforementioned San Quirico d’Orcia, we absolutely recommend you to visit the “ideal city” of the Renaissance Pienza, Montalcino the home of the renowned Brunello wine, and the beautiful Abbey of Sant’Antimo where you can also attend to the Gregorian chants. To stay on the subject of spas, about 17 kilometers, along the road towards Radicofani, there are also those of Bagni San Filippo.

How to get to  Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is 50 milometers far from Siena. The fastest road, about an hour’s drive, to get to Bagno Vignoni from Siena is the Cassia (the regional road SR2).

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